Our Team keeps us befikr!

Proud Possessions at befikr.in

Anamika Singh

Anamika Heads Corporate Affairs for befikr.in

She loves to laugh out her day meeting as many befikr customers as much she can. By the time sunsets & she gets tired, it’s the Chicken which wakes her up with full energy.

Eating out Non-Veg food isn’t her passion! It’s her Life
A true befikraa indeed-Anamika
gyan singh

Gyan forms a team as a befikr Associate at befikr experience center

He loves to bike around while ensuring the befikr customers are heard well & serviced to 100% of the capacity. While being on the road, he is a True befikr Sardar.

Biking on roads isn’t his passion! Its his Life
A True befikraa indeed-Gyan Singh