A true carpenter befikr brother knows the value of each inch

befikr Brother: Carpenter

Fikr at home caused by the unhinged door or the old bed you are looking to replace? We understand how difficult it can be to get good carpenters at a fair price and at the right time! When fixing the unhinged door with a screw or putting tiles under the leg of your bed does not work, you need a befikr Brother for assistance.

befikr guarantees you a stress- free life and assures to take care of the smallest repairs to the biggest makeover projects, be it at homes or your offices. If you are in Delhi NCR and Pune region, then all you have to do is get in touch with us ( ) and get services by a well-trained brother at a time of your choice. (PS: We now extend till 10pm to help you out in case of emergency!)

In case you are looking to get cabinets built at work or a crib for your new born, befikr Brother will advise you the best designs & solutions according to your living space. He would also give you a fair estimate of the time and cost involved to complete the project, because only a befikr Brother knows the value of each inch of wood!

Convenient, transparent and easy on your pocket, our services are just a couple of clicks away. To get any carpentry work done with excellent finish, call us at 1800-30-700-877 and wait for our brother to work his magic. Check out our pricing here. ( )

befikr assures you of providing the best quality services when you are looking to get furniture made for your home. After all, just having expensive wooden furniture doesn’t guarantee you a befikr life, the work of a good craftsman does!