#bornbefikr: A Tribute to Every Child This Children’s Day


Children are born befikr, aren’t they? Unlike grown ups, they are innocent and free from complications. Sometimes brutally mischievous but children are always trusting, benevolent, and just plain sunshine!

While you and I have numerous adult things to worry about and take care of, all a kid looks forward to is going to the playground to be with his friends and play, or to bicycle. They are always curious about growing up. But little do they know that growing up is rarely a straightforward process. It involves a lot of dirty clothes, broken toys and furniture, and graffiti-ed walls, not to mention children in dire need of a bath!

Childhood is all about liberation and joy. This Children's Day befikr celebrates the freedom and innocence of each child with its campaign #bornbefikr.
A true dedication to each and every child. Avail all home services at 50% discount for your kids room and help him be the tiny bundle of happiness and freedom.

Taking a walk down the memory lane we often ponder.. Who came to our rescue all those times when we were dirty or had a broken lamp or just needed to get something done? Mom and dad! Especially mom, we know, but also dad.

They made sure we were clean and had all the nice things, they probably scolded us a bit when they saw that we had managed to successfully break a tap in the bathroom again, or had covered the walls and the study table with more giraffe character studies, but they always put everything back together again for us to playfully continue all our mischiefs.

As adults we all miss our childhood and think “If I could have a rupee for every time I came home with mud splattered clothes, with dirt in my hair, I’d be rich”

We can’t get our childhood back but we can definitely celebrate childhood in all it’s glory with #bornbefikr.

Children are impressionable. They imitate what you do and learn from you. Gift your child the gift of #bornbefikr this Children’s Day and makes their lives 100% befikr so he can do it for his kids when the time comes.