State of Mindfulness= State of befikr strives to help people embrace mindfulness in their lives


Our mind is usually occupied by thoughts from past and anxieties about future. Do we ever take time to be present in our present and relish what we have without worrying about what future stores for us?
befikr’s mission of making people’s lives fully befikr drives from the concept of mindfulness, that is, being aware and awake to the present. Mindfulness is an inner source of happiness, contentment and bliss that we tend to ignore. We all have the seed of mindfulness in us but we forget to water it and are always pre-occupied worrying about future projects, loans, challenges and past suffering.
Giving everyone the best of home services in Delhi NCR and Pune through our befikr brothers, befikr is on the journey of making people strive for mindful living. Being befikr about fetching for the right home services leaves your lives with less worries and tensions. Our in-house trained professionals better known as befikr brothers take care of all your

home service needs whether is it electrical, carpentry, AC repair service, deep cleaning or plumbing. These befikr brothers will knock at your door at the time and space of your choice and take all home service worries away from your life and embrace mindfulness.

Conscious Breathing Practice for a befikr mind
Apart from making our life befikr with unmatched home services by our befikr brothers, here is a simple yet magical practice of conscious breathing, taught by Buddha himself. Sit in a quiet place and notice your breath coming in and going out by concentrating your entire thoughts on your breathing. Let your mind be free of the redundant negative thoughts and unite your mind with your body for a befikr life. While breathing in and breathing out, you can say to yourself:
Breathing in, I calm my body Breathing out, I feel at ease
Breathing in, I Smile Breathing out, I release

It’s important for us to realise that our present is beautiful and most precious to us. We need to be here, enjoy our now with positive thoughts that will manifest in our future. For making life befikr, you have befikr to take care of your home service needs and give you the much needed peace. For everything else, follow mindfulness and make live a befikr life with a befikr state of mind!

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