befikr bandhan campaign


The beautiful bandhan of a rakhi brings warmth and security against any storm in every sister’s life. The knot of a rakhi guards every sister from all odds and gives every brother the most beautiful soul to share his thicks and thins with. This bandhan grows beyond all the worldly norms; sees no envy, no doubt and no greed. At a time with everyone becoming increasingly skeptical about others, the thought of trusting a stranger seems so unlikely. But with its goodwill is enlivening Raksha Bandhan for all the lovely sisters out there.
Our befikr brothers are asking the sweet sisters to tie the pure knot of rakhi. This is a promise of every befikr personnel to be the sister’s befikr brother who will guard her against all the home services fikr and be the one to turn to anytime and anywhere! This is just befikr’s way to put a smile on each sister’s face and let her know, she is looked after, always!

Let love thrive, let the befikr bandhan grow!
Happy Raksha Bandhan!