befikr Lessons From Little Bundles of Joy


Children are the most beautiful bundles of joy who enliven everyone’s lives. Their playfulness, their innate humour, their befikr attitude is unmatched and most importantly they possess something we adults tend to have lost- the quality of innocence. Innocence and children are like synonyms.

Children do not need a day to celebrate them because they are a celebration in themselves. But on their special occasion, let’s learn some befikr lessons from these little joys :)

Selflessness: All we think of everyday is our vested interests whether it is climbing the corporate ladder or improving our personal relationships.

Children on the other hand are selfless and genuinely care for people around. Happiness multiplies when we care for others too, doesn’t it?
Curiosity: Little do we know that curiosity derives passion and passion urges us to work harder. No matter what, one will always see a child curious about little things, the little things that actually matter, the things we become ignorant about ultimately making us lose our curiosity and passion.

Playfulness: Lost in the seriousness of the world, we tend to not be being high-spirited. Children are the epitome of playfulness and radiate positivity always. Taking inspiration from them, let’s give ourselves light-hearted break at frequent intervals to indulge in some fun and rejuvenate in order to keep shouldering big responsibilities.

Detachment: We all have our set of attachments- both material and human. As much as human attachment is important for children with their family, they are detached from the materialistic possessions unlike any of us. This detachment is their source of happiness and radiance.

Being befikr: Out of all the traits that children possess, the one that wins our hearts is definitely their attitude of being befikr. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is bogged down by the daily toil of juggling between work and family affairs. We hardly time out to be disengage from the worldly affairs that often leads to a burnout. Let’s incorporate the being befikr attitude and be truly befikr!

Aren’t you already inspired to incorporate these child-like traits in your daily life and make your life truly befikr?