Welcome Winters With These Hacks to Keep Your Home Warm!


Delhi will soon shudder with the cold wave kicking in and this is the time of the year when we need to check our readiness for the chill that lies in front of us
Note these simple, low-tech hacks by befikr to make sure warm up your space this winter! For anything else related the electrical work, you can book an electrician in Gurgaon through befikr!

Capture the free heat, sunlight- In winters, our dear friend, sun, tends to become a rare visitor. But whenever you get to see it, you definitely should allow as much of the heat as possible to seep into your space. Even on the coldest days, the sun is still warm. Open up the shade and allow the sunlight in to make it cosy and warm.

Bubble wrap it
Stop bursting the bubble wrap, rather put it to some good use this winter. To avoid the chilly draughts from slipping in from the sides of window panes, use some bubble wrap. Little did you know, putting this bubble wrap over all the windows can create homemade double glazing and take your insulation game to the next level!

Curtains- the thicker, the better
Once the sun goes down, insulation should be your focus to prevent the warmth from escaping your space. Curtains can be your best friend for this. The thicker, the better and two layers instead of one will probably do more good to you this winter than anything else!

Rug up the floor
Clean, shiny floors have good looks but don’t do you do on a chilly winter night. You need to rug up the game. Cover as much empty floor area as possible with rugs, beautiful coloured rugs. Not only will these rugs enliven up your space with their presence but also, make it cosy and warm, quite literally!

Use the oven
Brace up your baking skills because they might help you give your space some warmth. Just to remember, when you've finished baking, leave the oven door open for a cozy kitchen and allow the heat to penetrate to other parts of your house

Apply these hacks and be befikr this winter! For the rest, call the best electrician in Gurgaon as your befikr brother