Tricks to Reduce Power Consumption of Your AC & Have a befikr Summer


Come summers and we all fret about high electricity bills that burn a hole in our pockets. Well, befikr has got some tips for you to save on power consumption this summer!

Savings Begin Right from Buying: Go all out for Star Ratings.
The Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency grades AC using BEE rating on a scale of 0-5. The higher the number the lesser it consumes power. Even though high rated air-conditioners are expensive but it is advisable to go for them. So, my friend, let’s develop a long-term perspective and think about the savings on electricity by going for a high rated AC.

Set the temperature Right: A little Cold is CHILL.
A very basic power consumption metric is that higher the AC temperature, lower is your electricity bill. It is advisable to set the temperature around 25 degree Celsius for optimum cooling and reduced power consumption.

Do Not Ignore Your Dearest Ceiling Fan: KEEP it Busy Too
Factually a ceiling fan consumes 25 times lesser power than an AC and helps in circulating the cool air-conditioned air to every nook and corner inside the room. So, make sure to not ignore the ceiling fan, rather compliment it with your AC to get the maximum cooling at the minimum cost.

Place the Outdoor Unit Right: Let it Breathe
Going by simple logic if the outdoor unit of your AC gets a lot of direct heat/sunlight, the cooling power of your AC will be significantly impacted. Place it in a shady and clean space to maximise the cooling capacity of your AC

Insulate your space: Check Out LOCKs
Make sure that there is no unwanted heat entering your space/room. Keep the doors and windows of an AC room closed as much as possible to avoid warm moist air entering the room. Additionally, you can paint the roof of your house white and opt for thermal insulation.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain Your AC: Who Hates Baths
Like a grandmama’s tip, maintenance of your AC has been stressed upon since long for power saving. It is mandatory to clean the filters of your AC regularly. Dusty, unclean filters will block the air flow and hinder cooling. Additionally, get your AC repaired before the start of every season. What are you waiting for? Book premium AC Repair Services in Delhi NCR with today!

Embrace these tips and be ready for a befikr summer! B-)