Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool in Summers


As the temperature rises in the capital, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to maintain our cool, both physically and mentally Our shield for fighting this scorching sun is the invention called ‘Air Conditioners’. Air conditioner has become an integral part of our lives and we rely on them heavily to help us survive through the unforgiving heat of Delhi summers.ter. To tackle this heat and erase all the fikrs from your life, befikr provides the finest quality AC repair services in Delhi-NCR and Pune.

In addition, to help you firther keep your cool and compliment the AC Repair Services in Delhi and Pune, here are some life hacks you should have always known to keep your home cool in summers!

•Keep your blinds closed: As simple it may seem it is noted that about 30% of unwanted heat comes inside your house by the means of windows and utilizing shades to cover the windows can lower your home temperature by 20%. In other words drawing curtains on your windows during day can save your electricity as well as control the temperature.

• Hack a fan instead of turning on the AC This one works really well! Fill a bowl with ice or something equally chilled and place it in front of a large fan, at an angle that allows the air to breeze over the ice and become chilled. It works like magic and beats the unwanted heat!

• Turn on bathroom exhaust fans. As we all turn on the exhaust of our bathrooms while we bathe, in summers keep it on for a little longer. The exhaust fan sucks up all the heat that is produced while taking showers (sometimes hot showers), this heat can easily be leaked into the surroundings. It also helps in pulling out the heat generated in the kitchen.

•Focus on the temperature in your body, not the house. How do you think your ancestors survived without air conditioners? You can do it too! Sipping iced tea to applying chilled cloth on areas like your neck, wrists and eyes, helps you to cool off from the inside. Other tricks include being smart about your clothing choices and the colour of the sheets you use in your house.

Apply these easy life hacks to battle the heat this summer and for any other assistance in AC repairs, call us and we will provide you the best AC repairing services in Delhi and Pune with the best prices and at your convenience! Trust befikr and jiyo befikr!