Training the untrained servicemen


Many a times just getting a home service is an ordeal, often putting your valuable time at stake.

Getting unprofessional home services from local servicemen can leave you with a tedious and unpleasant experience. Not to deny, there is a stark imbalance in the demand and supply of these servicemen in the unorganized sector, yet you often also look for trained handymen providing professional services, but the unorganized sector gives you no relief.
At befikr, we understand your pain, the fikr of dealing with the unorganised home service space. So, to circumscribe your fikr, introduced the novel concept of trained befikr brothers today which is a reality with a service experience of over 10,000 homes in Delhi & NCR.

Clad in his aqua blue uniform, befikr brother is the trained, reliable and professional serviceman you had been looking for.

befikr brother goes through a well-articulated training program during his induction spanning for 16 hours for two days and gets conducted once in every three months. The training program is designed so as to cover both the technical & soft skills to help them enhance their work competency when servicing your homes. Feeling confident about the ability of our befikr brothers to give you a professional home service? The best is yet to come!
Our befikr brother are the best epitome of human element of the befikr service experience. We understand how humiliating and agonizing the misconduct of these servicemen can be. Focussing on their personality traits, we give them training to improve not only their communication skills but also refine their overall demeanour with clients.

Yes, it’s the right time to discount all your worries regarding unprofessionalism, rude behaviour and delayed home services from your life. Befikr brother will knock at your door with a smile, just when you want, to give you the best home service in town. And, he is just a few clicks away!