The business of Happiness-befikr disrupting Un-happiness


Over the years the saga of un-happiness in our lives has gone louder! The noise of unhappiness not only resonates each day at our official cubicles’ but even each night on our dining-tables’. Over 100 reasons can be attributed to blame upon for being un-happy today and the fact is, humans have mastered the art of not only being un-happy but keeping un-happy always.

Most of the discourse Gurus often are heard talking to their disciples saying, “happiness comes from within”. The minute the discoursed souls leave the boundaries of Ashrams’; the skin starts breathing un-happiness.

Let’s examine the pettiest of factors, as tiny as a night being spent without

an effective air conditioner or a dry tap just before leaving for office makes us instantly unhappy less than a Maggi promise of 2 mins. That’s today’s science of being seriously un-happy.
Fortunately, we at had our confident guts and a strong realization that we can turn around this un-happiness into happiness. When we looked around, we didn’t find anyone who was truly worrying about this mass un-happiness revolving around fikrs related to home services.

Anyone who counsels & advises startups asks, “Are you solving a real problem”? and we knew yes, we can solve a real problem. The problem of eradicating un-happiness originating from the unorganized mess of home services. That’s when we gave birth to a promise,, the business of happiness.

One fine evening we get a befikr feedback post from Mr. Ramesh Kumar. He acknowledged “The reply from befikr was very prompt! One more addition to your family COUNT ME IN :)”. Now that’s what we call celebrating the moment of customer’s happiness. The true emotion of a family member can only come from true happiness.

Our befikr brothers are the reason of spreading happiness to so many lives. Ms. Ritu experienced the services of & honestly didn’t mind communicating, “Completely satisfied with your befikr brother Lal Sharma’s performance, thanks for giving us easy to use service ON CALL.” For a customer to come out & thank befikr not through his typical ratings but through hand written words can only come on paper if you have been truly happy for a while. “I'm happy to get befikr no. in my cell. Your team of befikr brothers are very skilled at their work”, said Mr. Chandan Kumar.

Being in any business mostly makes you focus on monetary gains & not focus on happiness coins. That’s where we at befikr differentiate. We first create happiness & then earn our revenue. That’s our business model. “The befikr brother of your company is very good man. They did the work as a brother.” The sense of meeting a good human being in today’s world makes us happy & this happiness stays for long said Mr. H S Ranna.

With modern ways of technology, servicing homes for basic needs is still dependent on human beings. What a better way to communicate happiness! Mr. Manjeet says “Thank you so much. All this would never had got done so efficiently if it were not for the Befikr team. Appreciation.” Happiness visibly gets out through a smile. When our customers smile, we the team of befikr become very happy. We too have the right of earning happiness & our happiness comes through our good work.

“Very good attitude service with a smile that is the most important co-operative service so far” felt Ritu. So many such customer feedbacks have made us realize that our guts were not wrong when we idealized and conceived

Over 20,000 carefree homes in just 365 days through a small team of 100 befikr brothers, a mark of respect towards Happiness. Our befikr brothers have proved to be the true transporters of happiness by creating jubilation in so many Indian homes struggling with their daily home services’ needs.

Keeping our homes as smooth as heavens & as comfortable as a paradise is the true respect for days like International Happiness Day. We at befikr combine so many days of happiness into a true International happiness Day.

Today, the team of befikr proudly claims that they are not in the business of home services but in the business of happiness. Our customer’s eyes are the true rating of their happiness & truly living befikr.