The befikr Gyan Singh-True Story of a SARDAR


As a child, Gyan’s eyes used to smile out at the sight of a speeding bike. Back in 2009 when Gyan was 15 he started taking bike trips without a formal license to nearby nukars of his society. Turned 18, he finally sat on his bike as a licensed Sardar Gyan Singh & it was in 2015 when Gyan joined a bikers’ club called ‘Clutch Shift & Throttle’ to be in the company of likeminded 20 bike lovers and pursue his passion.

This was the start of sardar Gyan taking 2-3 bike trips in month to the countryside in the proximity of Delhi making him prone to occasional accidents. This took shape of a hobby hazard that gave him a realisation that most of the accidents were not because of his speeding but because of careless driving of others. Deeply touched by turn of such events, he thought about bringing a small change in the society through his hobby & making people around him live befikr.

It all started by helping accident victims on his way and participating in social initiatives like collecting donations for the handicapped. Around the same time life turned in his favour and he got an employment opportunity with, an organization involved in socially uplifting the unknown Indian handymen often referred by us as electrician bhaiya & plumber bhaiya. has given these handymen a new name, ‘befikr brothers’. Within 3 months at befikr, Sardar Gyan Singh turned circumstances in his favour by helping needy customers with late night electrical & plumbing services & making their families befikr.

Today Gyan in spite of being a speedy biker, respects pedestrians, stops for them at a distance, allows other unknown bikers to overtake him if they try to compete with his Duke bike just because he understands that speeding for them isn’t safe without enough safety precautions. He is indeed a true inspiration treading on the path of making India befikr.

The fact that the ‘Clutch Shift & Throttle’ bikers are not only sensitive towards fellow beings but also towards stray animals warms everyone’s hearts with joy. The sight of Sardar Gyan Singh doesn’t miss a new born stray dog struck in the middle of traffic. His speeding bikes will come to a sneaky halt & help the puppy rest on the foot path. And then the journey on his speeding bike continues….

Sardar Gyan Singh lives to make others befikr. He keeps his club folks befikr just with a simple thought. He voluntarily decides to be the last in the line of 20 bikes and is the first one to arrive for rescue in case of any emergency.

Befikrin family brings to you this story as a small token of respect for our very own GYAN.

For us Sardar Gyan Singh stands strong as true befikr ambassador and fills our hearts with pride and joy!