The Un-Organized Significance of India


You might go to your favourite Levis store to buy new jeans but for the fittings you would always run to your trusted nearby tailor. You might buy the most expensive chandelier from newly opened home décor shop, but when its bulbs fuse, it is the local electrician who comes to the rescue!

The point of taking you through this obviously known facts is just to bring to your notice that no matter how high-ended the consumers become, a large part of their daily lives is ruled by the unorganized daily wagers popularly known as “bhaiyas” in north India in the form of milkman, plumbers, electricians, sweepers, tailors and the list can go long.

To put it more technically, these all are a part of the huge unorganized sector of our Indian economy. The un-organized sector truly comprises of businesses being conducted without any enterprise formation.

The high levels of growth in the Indian economy during the past two decades have shown direct relationship between the informal and formal economic activities. Sustaining high levels of growth are also intertwined with improving domestic demand of those engaged in informal economy.

At we have made an attempt to formalize the scattered individual skilled labour which exists around our households in form of plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Gone are the days when we could wait for 2 days for an electrician to repair the refrigerator in the June summer days. The newly emerged urban population needs everything at nick of a click and call.

Our intent at is to connect the households to this skilled labor and save them from the inconvenience of long turnaround times, unsafe men with no background information and, service dissatisfaction.

We also offer these skilled labors the dignity of life; we turn them from ‘labourers’ to ‘professionals’. These, working independently or employed at some local electric /furniture shop have lower job security and poorer chances of growth, and no leaves and paid holidays.

Very soon you will see our befikraas come to your rescue, and let not the leaking taps or malfunctioned microwave spoil your day!