The Story of Bhagirath Sharma- The Carpenter Man to a befikr Brother


The word 'carpenter' is the English rendering of the old French word carpentier derived from the Latin carpenters [artifex], 'maker of a carriage'. The trade of carpentry is a symbol of craftsmanship that shapes plain wood in a way that it becomes an integral part of our house in the form of beds, shelves, tables et al.

In India, the skill of carpentry is usually inherited by going through a rigorous physical training for two to four years. It’s not only a way of earning bread but also a way of life. Carpenters in Indirapuram are shaping the wood every day across hundreds of households and making them befikr about their carpentry woes. From the petty task of hammering a nail to crafting a customised designer study table, they perform their tasks with utmost professionalism.

Such is the professionalism of our befikr brother Bhagirath Sharma who has received unabated praise from the loyal households looking for carpenters in Indirapuram. They appreciate his promptness and commitment towards the work and have written physical testimony for the same. He takes pride in making hundreds of families befikr by ensuring affordable premium services at the convenience of their time and place.

In the process, Bhagirath has become one of the most reliable sources of carpenter services in Indirapuram and is contributing towards building a solid team of next generation technical graduates through on-job training. People like him are going to be the face of the befikr way of organising the unorganised home services space in India.