The Re-birth of Kanhaiya


Krsna is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism. Born in Mathura, Krsna’s childhood and youth describes him as a cow herder, a mischievous boy whose pranks earned him the nickname a Makhan Chor (butter thief), and a protector who steals the hearts of the people in both Gokul and Vrindavana.

Each household in Mathura echoed a silent desire to be hosting the next re-birth of Krsna. However, it never happened. Yet the land of Mathura became synonymous with the newly born kids being named around the name Krsna, & Kanhaiya became one of the avatar names of Krsna.

Today, we bring to you one such story of a child named Kanhaiya born in

1982 in one of the households of Mathura through his mother he admiringly calls “Amma”. Just when he was learning to take the initial steps as a kid at the age of 1, his house witnessed the worst theft taking away all they had, not just material possessions but also his father’s life. Attacks, threats and hardships were following Kanhaiya like Krsna.

Born in the city of Mathura and having been brought up by his mother as a single parent, life was never easy for Kanhaiya but early on in his life, he learnt the lesson of not giving up and moving on with a heart full of positivity and hope.

Kanhaiya took the big jump and moved to Delhi from Mathura with dreams big for a better future and a better life. Having worked with a corporate professional and then in a company as big as a brand like Honda, Kanhaiya was learning the ways of the real world when everything fell apart once again. His elder brother and his biggest support system was diagnosed with cancer. He gave up his job and his dreams to take care of his ailing brother but his attempts to save his brother’s life went in vain and he ultimately lost the battle and his brother.

But as rightly said, “Tough times do not last, tough people do.” For our brave heart, tough times had to end and spring wasn’t that far away to take away the winter of his life when through a mutual connection he got to know about Joining befikr was nothing less than a re-birth for Kanhaiya, he got a place not only to work at but also a family that has his back and new challenges that keep him on his feet every day!

Having completed a year already, this passionate soul works assiduously day in and day out forgetting all his fikrs to make India befikr. Kanhaiya can be seen multi-tasking from being an executive at befikr experience centre helping deliver the best of home services to the customers to handling administrative and marketing tasks, all with his infectious smile and unmatched zeal.

In words of Kanhaiya sharing his high sense of belonging in, “Agar befikr na hota, toh zindagi main bohot fikr hota.” Kanhaiya saw a re-birth at to give him a professional stability, sense of satisfaction & belongingness making him live a completely new life, a second life very different which he lived during his 1st birth.

Today Kanhaiya is an epitome of innocence, compassion, tenderness, and love among the befikr family. A never say NO attitude makes Kanhaiya a popular persona at both with the customers & teammates so much so that he is the live Krsna’s shadow during the Janmashtami celebrations at the corporate office. The entire befikr family salutes Kanhaiya for setting the bar high, being unafraid of learning new things and always outperforming. People like him make for what goes behind the journey of making India befikr. Thank you Kanhaiya…oops our very own Krsna.

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