The Leaky Tap's Tryst with Ramesh


"Someone.. please get me fixed.. and save the precious drops of water. I don't want to let these droplets go waste", prayed the tiny tap of Mr Sharma's daughter. God listened to its prayer and Babli asked her elder sister to immediately call a befikr brother. Ramesh came swiftly and fixed everything into order.

This is one of many such stories getting engraved in the books of, a venture that is making thousands of families free of home service fikrs across Delhi NCR. From a child to a granny, everyone knows that Ramesh is a committed plumbing service professional in Noida providing premium plumbing services in Noida .Through his sincere efforts and meticulous work, he has been able to win the trust of all his customers who now can always bank upon him.

From a minor job of fixing a leaky tap to something as complex as installing a water tank and creating a water connection inside the entire house, he does it all. Ramesh is also known amongst his befikr households for his quick turnaround and fair pricing. Most of the times, he goes beyond his call of duty to get the families trade discounts for the purchased material in his effort to save money for the family he is dealing with.

Just like Ramesh is committed to providing professional plumbing services in Noida and other parts of Delhi NCR. Without committed befikr brothers like Ramesh himself, would be a futile effort. But with the presence of Ramesh and his unmatched sincerity to make India free from plumbing fikrs, he is an essential part of our befikr family and our team salutes his efforts on the ground. testifies Ramesh’s contribution and feels grateful for it day in and day out. It fills our heart with joy to realise how befikr family is made up of such tireless souls that makes your trusted partner for home services. Trust befikr and jiyo befikr!