The Bond of Trust, The befikr Bond


What is Trust? It won’t be wrong to say that trust is that positive emotion that makes us believe that someone is credible and honest and carries no intention of harming user that something is safe and reliable. Trust generates confidence in our heart and mind. Trust forms the foundation of every healthy relationship, both personal and professional. The bond of trust nurtures through honesty, helping hand, effective communication and fulfilling commitments. has always believed and worked in building a strong bond of trust within itself and with each individual connected with, whether it is an employee, a befikr brother or our valuable customer. As it says ‘Stronger trust always creates stronger relationship’, the company has focused on a strong work ethics, integrity, reliability, responsibility, quality, discipline and teamwork to build a strong bond of trust….’The befikr Bond’.

It all started by helping accident victims on his way and participating in social initiatives like collecting donations for the handicapped. Around the same time life turned in his favour and he got an employment opportunity with, an organization involved in socially uplifting the unknown Indian handymen often referred by us as electrician bhaiya & plumber bhaiya. has given these handymen a new name, ‘befikr brothers’. Within 3 months at befikr, Sardar Gyan Singh turned circumstances in his favour by helping needy customers with late night electrical & plumbing services & making their families befikr.

The company, however, is not only helping employees to achieve their professional goal but also draws its attention towards the achievement of their personal goals by being concerned about all the employees working across departments.

The VALUES of says it all:

  1. WE:-
    1. Respect
    2. Uplift the unknown bhaiya as befikr BROTHER’
  2. We:-
    1. Give Quality
    2. Give Guarantee’
  3. We Believe in a Secured Environment.
  4. We are both Responsible and Reliable.
  5. We are absolutely Transparent.

The customer trust and loyalty are achieved through quality work services provided after commitments. Verbal commitments can be given to and by anyone. But it is tried and tested that action speaks louder than words. What counts is, who is reliable enough to work on those commitments through action. ‘befikr BROTHERs are playing a major role in providing quality services and in making befikr’ s customers truly befikr. They are playing a crucial role in gaining the customer trust through their efficiency thereby building a ‘befikr Bond’ with the customer.

The company, is taking great care of all the befikr BROTHERs. Important measures are being taken for their safety, health and fitness. The company provides healthy, friendly and stress-free work environment. This environment not only enables them to work effectively and contributes to their unrivalled efficiency but also, helps them to grow and percolate this happiness on a personal level.

This is how, moves ahead every day fulfilling expectations and proving to be a trustworthy brand. With a strong bond of trust which unites each and every individual working in the organization, the journey to make India Befikr goes on…

Consequently, the roots of this trust are only growing and getting concrete day-by-day. It is definitely an onwards and upwards journey.