The 1st True Home Services born in India Company


True Home services: a big Idea- the Indian start up ecosystem has seen a lot of action with technology & artificial intelligence taking the main stage. However, at certain points of this decade this ecosystem easily forgets this is the same decade when India saw initiatives like smart city project, swach bharat abhiyan & demonetization. While India must move ahead technologically & with intelligence for which the world do recognizes us, India also needs to look back at the spinal structure it has as a heritage. With developing cities and urbanization becoming a priority for the Indian government, having efficient and well maintained home infrastructure will be the key to enable families bring up technology and intelligence as the next generation. We have heard of affordable housing and will soon believe in True Home Services too.

True Home services: y we need to care about it So far, the common experience of most of us in the home services space is one of unprofessionalism and low-quality services after burning a hole in the pocket. The unorganized set up of local handymen and the undignified Indian mindset towards these handymen can be put to blame. Very often we do not see these handymen with dignity and hardly acknowledge and appreciate their skill sets. Generally, we see them as electrician/carpenter/plumber bhaiya doing a menial job. Its high time we truly organize this space & care about this forgotten home services planet.

True Home services: our experience at To uplift the identity of local handymen and organize the home services sector, was conceptualized to be the 1st true home service born in India company. In the recent times, India’s start-up landscape has been full of aggregators of home services but these aggregators lacked the vision of transforming the unorganized home services space into an organized one. Having a short-term aim these companies have taken a shape of just a platform where the customers can find handymen no different than local unprofessional whom you have been dealing with all these years. There remained a major gap of well-trained and skilled in-house trained professionals in the industry. Conceptualized and conceived in January 2016, today stands strong as a true home services company. With in-house trained personnel branded as befikr brothers, befikr being the 1st and the only True home services company in India has taken the responsibility on its shoulders to make India befikr. is the sole employer of over 100 home services personnel as befikr brothers and has successfully established a strong footing in Delhi NCR and Pune. Whether it is carpentry, electrical, AC servicing, plumbing, car dry cleaning or sofa/carpet dry cleaning, befikr brothers are well equipped to handle all sorts of home service issues. Each befikr brother undergoes technical as well as soft skills training before they go on field. The training sharpens their technical skills and gives them the requisite professional attitude. They no longer remain local handymen but carry the nametag of befikr brother with the noble responsibility of making India truly befikr.

The Indian startup eco system has finally seen the 1st true home service born in India company with an experience of over 45,000 hours in servicing the 20,000 off homes not just with technology & artificial intelligence but with humble befikr brothers.