Our Runaway Girl- Anamika


In the city of Amitabh Bachchan, Allahabad, a girl named Anamika was born, with big dreams in her small eyes and an iron grit to capture the world in her tiny fist. A biotechnology engineer by education she always wanted to follow her heart- which apparently had little space for studies! After slogging for 8 semesters and not being able to find meaning in biotechnology, her aim in life was very clear, no more Biotech. With her campus placement, she set her foot in the city of Qutab Minar and chole bhature, Delhi, a hep looking city on the face of it can have the most boring jobs and Anamika landed in an MNC. This girl with rollers in her feet knew she cannot bloom in the monotony of an MNC but urged for the thrill of a startup..

After 9 months of constant struggle with her job, she finally set herself free.

After all, how long can you confine a dragon in chains? But with an unabated desire to follow her heart, she went on expanding her comfort zones and kept challenging herself for something new! Our Julia Roberts ran away from the next one in three months. Apollo Molecular Biology department, a name that people won’t easily leave, but our girl gave it a quarter of a year!

We often wonder how sometimes our fate lands us in the perfect place and in the end it becomes a tale of connecting the disjointed dots. Anamika later was found accompanying her friend for an interview, apparently to motivate her pal but ended up getting selected. Good news? Not so much for the friend who got rejected! Anamika loved working there, but this time, Richard Gere ran away! The company shut down.

Dejected with what was happening around her, she aimed for the big fish.. Well, we are talking about Google! Ahem.. But let’s not go there, it’s another saga!
Finally, one fortunate day, befikr called her! Furious with her work journey she went up to their office! Impressed with the cofounders and the vision of making India befikr, she came out and joined the company without a second thought.

Finally, rapunzel came out of her tower and was set free by befikr. The company with the right mix of the most chilled out and encouraging set of cofounders and hardcore business orientation, Anamika found her niche as a senior corporate manager. One can see herwork like a pro with the most contagious laugh in the whole office! Befikr has undeniably given her the wings to fly, the flexibility she had been missing in the previous work environment. Being able to work the way she wants to, Anamika is truly a success story at befikr. the company that gives its employees freedom to work and think big! Befikr justifies its name to the fullest.

Nearing a year, our girl finally finds her home and satisfaction in a world of ‘befikr.in’