Our Jawan Our Reason to be befikr


09/11 is a symbolic date that reminds us of the catastrophe that befell on humanity, a catastrophe the shakes the human existence and its conscience. The September 11 attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the Twin Towers is the most hideous attack on humanity and its existence. Every year this date is a reminder to every Indian about what it takes to protect the nation and its people from any such catastrophe.

Our Indian Army Jawan endure extremities day in and day out to make sure we get a good night’s sleep and wake up peacefully every morning. They fight the terror threat every moment to make sure each moment of our lives is terror free and safe. They are an epitome of sacrifice and forego their family lives to make sure that we are able to spend

meaningful and quality time with our family. Aren’t we forever obliged to our jawans for the constant struggle they go through to rid our lives of all fear and make us truly befikr? Surely, we are! This 09/11 let’s salute the spirit of fearlessness of our jawans and thank them for their relentless efforts on the field to keep India safe and befikr and let them know that they are our reason to be truly befikr!