Organizing the unorganized - befikr Brother on Duty


Ever wondered how it feels seeing an Indian unorganized sector getting ORGANIZED. Just a dream coming true for a modest Indian middle income household. Your struggle to get a home service for an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter has been taking a toll on your personal & professional life? Till now you had been detesting getting such services at home, often avoiding them till the last moment. One of the strongest reasons for such repulsion is the entire Indian home-service sector being truly unorganized. is undeniably India’s most efficient & organized player in the home service space organising the Indian home services through in-house, well qualified & trained befikr Brothers. We launched thinking of the countless Indians who struggle every day from finding the right serviceman to getting the work done just to have a pleasant home service experience. Fortunately, with the launch of & the advent of our befikr brother, gone are the days when you need to worry about the chaotic home services, non standard pricing and unchecked background of the servicemen.

To bridge all the gaps created by the disordered home service sector, our befikr brother plays an important role. He undergoes rigorous in-house training, three-layer background verification, and arrives just at your convenience. Clad in his aqua blue neat & smart uniform, befikr brother knocks at your door with a smile, just when you want. So, while you sip your morning tea and get ready for a long day ahead or come back home after a strenuous day at work, you are assured a hassle free service from our trusted befikr brother. Now you must be wondering that getting such an efficient service will definitely create a hole in your pocket. But, befikr brother promises you a transparent and well published pricing policy. Unlike non-standard pricing of the unorganized home service sector, when you book a befikr brother, you are always charged based on pre-fixed prices mentioned on the website. This eliminates the risk of being overcharged due to lack of technical knowledge. He guarantees quoting a transparent price for his service, a responsible behaviour, a quality & professional befikr experience.

In contrast to services offered by the fragmented home service market place companies who do not bother to take the final responsibility of your service & safety on their head, has taken that responsibility with heart. Our team of befikr brothers are therefore ready to revolutionize this industry by pleasant service experience and satisfied customers. All you need to do is, book a befikr brother whenever you are in need for a prompt and reliable home service and be one of our satisfied and happy customers.