No Hanky! No Panky! I am Shanky


The first time we saw Shanky, our hearts were filled with mixed feelings about him. We could instantly trust his potential the trust was accompanied by some doubts. Today, the feeling is no longer mixed. Shanky for us, means business. From a young engineering graduate to a befikr cluster head, this boy has truly developed an immense grip on business, customer relationships and a smiling humor.

Each day, this young boy comes to his business desk all the way from the small town of Hapur. The distance brings with him the zeal to succeed and deliver the best. His enthusiasm to give befikr customers the best translates into a befikr service experience for our befikr families.

Talking about dependability, customer service is core to his heart. Business ethics and code of conduct is always in his mind. Extending unmitigated dignity and respect from the bottom of his heart towards befikr brothers is his little yet a tall secret to success.

Talking about his innocence, it’s his strength! “Sir, Kya baat kar rahe ho aap”, Kaise baat karde apne, aisa to kuch bhee nahi hai, Sir, kuch bhee” are his favorite replies in the board room. You can never grill him just because of the sheer honesty in his voice.

Contrary to this innocent version of his, his colleagues know him for his witty tough times which he gives to them. Often you walk into our befikr experience center, and you will find someone hanging on the phone, continuously repeating, “Shanky suno to,Shanky…”.

His drop of presence means positivity and hope. His sheer shadow means a figure of honesty. His tall height means the strong support he gives to his subordinates who love to work for him. His story is necessary to share. If today can fulfil its promise of making customers befikr, there are people like Shanky behind it. He silently proves an age-old theory that companies don’t make people, but a group of dedicated people make fortune companies. We take this opportunity to thank Shanky on behalf of our loyal befikr customers for being a true befikr Sutra Dhar to this small & young home services ecosystem famously being known as

These days Shanky can be found in the dense greenery of Pune. He was supposed to be on a paid holiday to Goa as an incentive but he hasn’t yet checked in his hotel room just because he preferred to stop mid-way to be with the Pune befikr team! ;) salutes the passion and commitment of Shanky towards making India befikr!