My Papa is not a plumber. My Papa is a befikr BROTHER


Tusharika a 5-year-old beautiful girl born to play with pink dolls knew little that she is God gifted with a unique quality of sensitivity, something rare to find even in grown-ups today.

Tusharika’s father, Nitin earned his living as a Plumber in Gurgaon. As a naive kid, little did she understand her father’s profession till she landed in an English medium school along with the kids from elite families of doctors & engineers. The late-night return of her father clad in dirty clothes obstructed him getting a tight hug from her little daughter. Soon the very fact of being a daughter of a Plumber in Gurgaon and not a Doctor tingled Tusharika’s sensitive nerves compelling her to force Nitin to change his profession.

As the course, would have followed, Nitin’s family made Tusharika learn the chapter of dignity of labor at an age of 5. Being the God-gifted sensitive little girl, it wasn’t easy for her to accept and her studies started getting hampered that became a serious botheration for Nitin & his wife. Around this time Tusharika had already turned 7 and had to be seriously heard out.

Nitin finally decided to look out for a dignified job which could bring some relief to Tusharika.

Around the same time Nitin heard about famously known among his community of plumbers in Gurgaon and other parts of Delhi NCR. The fact that befikr referred its plumbers as befikr brothers & honoured them with dignity & respect encouraged Nitin to fetch an interview with With unmatched capabilities and a solid experience Nitin not only successfully earned a job but now leads a team of 20 befikr BROTHERS as a befikr Supervisor.

Seeing her father earning the much-needed dignity & respect in the society was a dream come true for Tusharika at the tender age of 7 and became the medium of a small yet drastic social change giving the much deserved esteem to the home services handymen.

Today strives to organize the home services industry with its humble initiative in Delhi, NCR & Pune employing over 100 befikr Brothers. They have brought a new ray of hope not only to the Indian Handymen but even to the families of these unknown electricians, plumbers & carpenters finally making them proud of their existence and their occupation in India’s 21st century.