In the general corporate scenario, we see people around us wearing tags around their necks meant to instil a sense of identify and belonginess with the companyheavily insulting and back bitching about their managers. Managers are like mothers who are meant to nurture the team and make each individual bloom. But a lot of times the managerial class is perceived as the Cruella sort of mothers, who terrorises its puppies. Imagine a team without a manager. Nobody to constantly stand on your head to get the work done. No extra headache of laughing at your manager’s poor jokes or unnecessary flattering! A stress-free world wherein each individual is individual responsible for his/her input and accountable for the output, just how we imagine it to be!

I WELCOME YOU to the world of A company that derives its business from its call centre. But here at we call it ‘befikr experience centre’ or simply BEC. What is so unique about this call centre? The very fact that this call centre works without a manager makes it stand apart from any other traditional call centre!

Not to our surprise, the employees of BEC are unbelievably happy and satisfied. They are the most fun-loving people one will ever come across, but when it comes to work, they won’t let any stone unturned to get business.

This call centre functions on the shoulder of its employees who are heavily self motivated. Befikr Experience Centre is a workplace where people are self-controlled, rely on internal motivation and deliver the best results. They don’t need a separate manager to keep an eye on them to control their activities, their inputs/outputs and their timings. The employees feel responsible for their actions and work with responsibility. The company allows them to be independent which in turn helps them to feel liable to keep the company progressing! This sounds like a full cycle. Isn’t it?

From the most talkative ones to the introvert personalities, from experienced holders to new recruits, BEC has all sorts of people. From lunch breaks to birthday celebrations, BEC is a culture in itself. It is amazing to see how the BEC team manages their clients and have mastered the customer relationships. People from diverse backgrounds come together to make the customers experience smooth and hassle-free!

All this has been possible due to the trust and freedom given by our cofounders to the BEC team. They have a knack to stimulate the right nerve of the employees and keep them motivated throughout their journey! The futuristic vision of the cofounders and willpower of the employees have made this impossible task, a living reality that lives and thrives everyday!