Kapil’s Century Spree Continues....!


Gurgaon, a city of malls, offices and in true sense the ‘Kingdom of dreams’ gave us our Kapil, a boy with passion and hard work in his blood. Son of a blue collared worker, he grew up with a sense of dedication and will power to do something big for himself. Being the eldest of the three brothers he grew up being responsible and aware of the consequences of not being serious in life.

He cleared his high school and got on doing freelancing for home services. But he strived for the extraordinary in his profession. He wished to gain more technical knowledge and be the best at his work. Kapil never shied away from working hard and had the enthusiasm of

proving his worth. Being a cricket lover, he idolised Virat Kohli and inculcated his traits into himself. To step forward in his career he went on doing his diploma from ITI in plumbing and from there he was picked up by the team of befikr.in. Just then, little did he know that the world around him was about to change!

Befikr.in, a company started by three friends with a vision of helping the blue collared community to break away from the stereotypes and come out of the shell. They help the handymen in building an identity for themselves in the society and lead a respectful life. Being picked up as one of the befikr brothers,Kapil had the zeal to reach greater heights and do what others might not think is possible! He commenced his safar with befikr in the month of November 2016. Our very own befikr brother Kapil went on spreading his magic in the area of Plumbing and became an expert overtime!

His magic did wonders in the upcoming months and he stunned everyone with his performance. He became the only befikr brother to reach a milestone of 107 services to households in the month of February. His record of done calls is astounding since then, month by month, slow and steady. His work ethics and exemplary behaviour led him to achieve 5 out of 5 throughout his tenure in befikr.in.

How we always ridicule our lives for not being that easy! Kapil did this extraordinary work even when he had to get up at 4:00 AM in the morning and distribute newspapers to approximately 250 houses, go to the office and then complete calls. This is the sheer display of dedication and hardwork that this man has!

Started as a trainee he now works as a semi-lead and has just finished a mind blowing, record breaking 124 services to households in the month of May 2017. Kapil in himself is setting standards for the company that are hard to match. He continues to spread his magic and is an example for the other befikr brothers. We at befikr salute his dedication and love for his work!