Innovative Diwali Lighting Ideas



This diwali, befikr shares the following tips for families to try innovative lighting options:

Here are a few innovative Diwali lighting tips especially for you.

DIY Flower Lights: Put your dear fairy lights to some unconventional uses this Diwali. Use discarded egg cartons to make some colorful and glittery light strings for your home interiors. You can also opt for cupcake wrappers, cut them into different floral designs to get yourself gleaming floral garlands.

Bottled Fairy Lights: You can also huddle these tiny fairy lights inside old glass bottles, liquor bottles being the best, to get self-made spectacular glass lamps that can be used to illuminate various spaces inside your homes.

Light curtains: Lighten up your bedroom, living and drawing room by hanging strings of fairy lights. This time the only difference is, hang them in abundance and let the tiny bulbs do their magic!

Unconventional Wine Glass Candle: Place a flower or any decorative element like colored glass, twigs or pebbles, invert a wine glass and place a candle on the top. Station these quirky wine glass candles at various spots to add some unique decor and radiance to your home!

Floating candles for the corners: Decorate a quaint corner of your home with an attractive Diwali special floral bowl. Place scented candles with colourful flowers in a transparent bowl. The beautiful reflections of the candles will surely beautify the untouched spots of your home.

Paper Diwali Lanterns: Unleash the creative maniac in you and make yourself a few beautiful paper Diwali lanterns that will captivate you with their colorful magnificence. In case you run out of time, you can always head to the nearest bazaar and hang these on the walls, terrace, and veranda.

Keep these innovative ideas in your mind to illuminate your lives and welcome Goddess Laxmi with full festive energy! For everything else related to lighting call your befikr brother without any fikr!