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Life is a constant struggle for all living beings. As it is said, strength and growth comes only through relentless effort and struggle. No matter how much it hurts today, in retrospect we all realize that these struggles changed us and our lives for better. This is a story of Shushma, a girl from a small family of four members, who was selflessly loved and cared for by her parents and her elder sister. Her world was confined to small happiness and trivial desires. Not until when her faith decided to take a “U-turn” for better or for worse, her world changed.

Being the youngest child, Shushma has always been an apple of the eye amongst all the family members. Since her academic years, she had a “befikr” nature and believed in living life to the fullest. Her motto in life is to be “befikr”.

Seeing people worried, stressful and fikrful, she would often advise them to be happy and to be “Befikr”.

According to Shushma, people find it difficult to cultivate the sense of “befikr” in a stressful environment. At times people often had misperception about her for being careless and not serious enough in life. But, well, life is not easy. Life had some plan for her and it was time when she had to prove, how her befikr nature would help her sail the ship.

It all started when she was in her initial years of her masters, her father was diagnosed with the final stage of cancer. She along with her mother, who was a housewife and her elder sister, who was in the final year of masters, had tried all the ways possible to provide the best cancer treatment. The deadly disease cancer, however, won the battle and seven months later her father died. Father, being the backbone and the only bread earner for the family, cancer was the worst nightmare that her family had to go through. What lied ahead of her family was emotional, mental and financial suffering.

Shushma, on the other hand, seeing mother and sister shattered, gathered strength and came up to be a great motivator and encouraged them to move ahead in life slowly and steadily. She followed her life motto of being “Befikr”, always smiling and decided to move ahead in life with a fresh beginning. Shushma always believed in lighting up the stressful environment with happiness and smile.Seeing her positive attitude towards life, her family too gathered strength and decided never to look back again.

Soon after completing her masters, she got placed in the semiconductor company as an HR Executive. But again, she had to go through many obstacles on her way. As we know job satisfaction plays a vital role in encouraging employee to excel in the performance. Shushma, on the other hand, was not satisfied with her job. Her talents and performance capabilities were being suppressed and was hindering her in career growth.

After two years of struggle, faith had finally decided to favor her and proved her motto of “befikr” to be right. Today, Shushma is happily working in a company called ‘’in HR Department. Shushma says, ‘’ has provided her stress-free working environment where she fits in well and understands in-depth the value of being “Befikr”. The company has provided her a growing platform where she is working with immense dedication and job satisfaction, where there are no boundaries for growth and liberty of implementing innovative ideas for getting job done. Where there is healthy working environment spreading positive vibes and where everyone believes in making life stress-free and befikr!

According to Shushma, she herself, didn’t know that her motto of being befikr will one day provide her an opportunity to work in an organization aiming to make India truly befikr. She says working in ’’ is the best thing that could ever happened to achieve her professional as well as personal goals.

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