Enliven Your Lives with Yoga and Revel in the Magic of Being befikr!


Yoga, a 5000-year-old custom, first mentioned in the Rig Veda, is a widespread practice. For some it’s an Ideology, for some it is a religion and for others it is merely an exercise. Yoga is how you take it, how you believe in it and how you incorporate it in your lives.

The physical benefits of Yoga are known by many, but the mental benefits are known to only a few! The awareness regarding the importance of Yoga in our lives has been spreading like wildfire making our public parks and classes full of enthusiastic Yoga learners. People getting up early in the morning and flooding the parks with the sessions of Yoga! The point to understand here is that, Yoga is not merely about the asanas or a practice of the rich, it is a way of life! A path of

enlightenment for many. A way of connecting to the inner soul! Some people take this philosophy as a path to reach God! Or feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. In this ultra-eventful world, technology being at the top of the pyramid, where people don’t get the time to interact with each other, we forget our real self! Yoga lets you connect to yourself. It helps you speak to your inner self. We have meditation centres opened everywhere around the world, we have a common mentality that meditation requires a lot of time and a silent place! On the other hand, all you require is inner strength to focus. This focus keeps on getting strong as the practice increases.

Yoga is a world in itself! Any human that enters this world, loves to be in it. Successful life is not about how good your career is, it is about how satisfied you are with yourself! Yoga gives you a way of life. It sets your routine, helps you connect to yourself and keeps your body fit! If you have inner peace, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving your goals!

This Yoga day be befikr and enjoy the divine power of this ultra magical practice. For any other assistance in efficient and affordable home service requirement, you can reach us on our website www.befikr.in or call us on 1800-30-700-877(toll free).