Cleaning Hacks for Your Home That You Wish You Always Knew


Whether you are a cleanliness freak or believe in making your space ready at the last moment just before you guests jump in, cleaning your home has always been a task! has extended its arm in home deep cleaning services with befikr brothers providing the best of deep cleaning services in Delhi NCR and Pune.

To compliment these services, here are a few hacks to witness some sparkle at your home! Goodbye Hard Water Stains: We all have had our tragedies with strong acids ruining the tiles and fittings in our bathroom and kitchen. Use vinegar instead. Place vinegar soaked paper towels on the hard water stains in question, wipe it away with a dry towel after an hour and voila the stains are gone!

Bacteria Free Kitchen Sponge: If you are worried about bacteria breeding perpetually on the kitchen sponge, place the wet kitchen sponge inside your microwave and heat it for 2-3 minutes. This will kill 99% of the micro bacteria and make your kitchen sponge fresh and hygienic again!

Clean Oil with Oil: A greasy kitchen post cooking is the worst to clean. But did you know like fire kills fire, oil can clean oil. Add your favourite vegetable oil to paper towel to wipe the greasy areas. This will make the stubborn oil disappear. Take a dry towel and once again wipe the areas in question while you can now simply pat yourself on the back seeing the clean shiny surface

Black Tea for the Dirtiest Mirror in the House: This time when you make tea for yourself, make a cup extra for your home mirrors. Spray some cold black tea on the mirror and use an ordinary newspaper to wipe away all the hard water stains.

Baking Soda for Your Coach: Baking soda can do wonders to your coach and save it from any lingering smells and break up any stains on the fabric. Clean the surface of the couch with a brush and then sprinkle some baking soda on the area you want to clean. Let it sit for like 30 minutes. Come back and vacuum it up using the brush attachment.

Apply these easy hacks and for the rest call a befikr brother for premium home deep cleaning services at your doorstep.
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