Chote si Asha, Chote si Natasha- A befikr story from the village Nithari


A girl from one of the most conservative & unfortunate villages in Noida, Nithari, today stands on her feet as a strong-headed independent girl. This is the life story of Natasha Kumari who has learnt to challenge tough circumstances, never give up and emerge as a winner.

As a memory down the lane, befikr family remembers her journey of transition from a dependent girl busy with household chores in a conservative family to a Sr. Associate, befikr experience centre (BEC) at

Living in the traditional setting of Nithari village where the girl child is overly protected by the family, Natasha grew up into a shy girl restricted to household works and bounded by the unprogressive and orthodox society.

But who knew that a change, a big change awaited her. One fine day’s co-founders met this girl at a vocational training institute. Among the 20 odd girls, all they could notice was the dreams in Natasha's eyes, dreams to fly high. The glitter in her eyes insisted them to invite Natasha to join befikr family. She became the only candidate who got an immediate offer to join and she proved the co-founders right!

At befikr she has grown each day. She learnt how to challenge her comfort zone and today she deals with customers effortlessly. She is now an independent woman clad in western clothes, with steamed and blunt cut hair style living a life without restrictions and doing what her heart wants. with the pledge of uplifting the unrecognized home services handymen often referred as electrician/carpenter/plumber bhaiya is also uplifting the employees associated with it.

Making ‘befikr brother’ known as a dignified brand for these local handymen is a challenging task that we have taken on our shoulders but life transforming stories of our employees, one like Natasha Kumari fills our hearts with joy and drives us to perform with greater passion and enthusiasm.

Natasha has travelled with since the day she joined, irrespective of the distance and the number of metro lines she has to hop! Today Natasha not only reaches office well before time, not only she makes a befikr brother knock the customer's door at the promised time but even reaches back home well before sunset to ensure the family gets the last meal of the day well on time. family salutes Natasha's power and her true avatar of a befikr Laxmi for & her family! You are our hero, Natasha!

Thank you for making so many lives befikr!