Befikr Distributed Mineral Water to People Queued up in Never Ending Lines Outside Banks and ATMs


A minor attempt to make people’s lives fully befikr!

The new demonetization move has upset the lives of one and all. Long hours of wait in never ending queues, limit on cash withdrawal or exchange, a sudden feeling that all your savings are nothing but pieces of paper has really made common man’s life difficult and full of fikrs.

But following our motto 'Karo Fikr ka Zikr, Aur Ho Jao Befikr' we are helping people to adapt to the change of organizing the unorganized currency.
befikr has come to everyone's rescue and attempted to make people's life comfortable during this hour of need by distributing mineral water to people queued up in front of ATMs and banks.

Dressed in aqua blue befikr t-shirt you can spot the befikr army going out of their way to assist people, bring smile on their faces and reassure them that they are being taken care of.

Befikr community is indeed delighted to see the outpour of love and gratitude from the common masses for our humble attempt to make people befikr. This definitely drives the befikr community to bring in more efforts to make India befikr.

Let us stand together as a community, give up all the criticism and help each other adapt this change in the most positive spirit with a ray of hope for a better and a much organized Indian currency system.