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Your home is a space that you very meticulously build for yourself, for your family and friends. Nowhere in your cocoon you want any sort of risk or insecurity. You hesitate and you restrict the entry of people whom you feel can bring danger to this beautiful cocoon. The most insecure experience is letting a home service handyman inside your space. Let’s not deny the nervousness we all go through to get the flowing tap fixed, the AC installed or the cupboard repaired. We all dread about any sort of mishap that might occur.

To fix all your fikrs and insecurities, we at befikr.in strive each day to make your life fully befikr! As true as the the saying itself, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair”, befikr.in is on the

trajectory to building a robust trust equation with all its customers through our in-house trained professionals better known as befikr brothers.

These befikr brothers guarantee you the best of home services as they are well trained in both technical skills as well as soft skills. This makes sure they approach all the customers with the much needed professionalism and render nothing less than the best of home services. Keeping every customer’s safety as the top priority, these befikr brothers usually go through 3-layers of background check that includes police verification and a thorough profile check. This ensures that whoever enters your beautiful space is truly reliable and trustworthy and renders the best home services with a delight

In words of our happy customer Anubhav, “The work done by the guys was good and tailor made. They did their work religiously and did not hesitate to re-clean when pointed out. I will definitely call them at home again.”
Sheetal, another delighted customer from our befikr brother’s service tells us, “Jaisa naam, Vaisa kaam.”
Dilip compliments befikr brother saying, “The person was very humble and nice to speak with. He was very good at his job. Will always call a befikr brother from now on.”
These are just a few of the many testimonials of our satisfied and jovial customers who have always reposed their trust on befikr.in and have made us their trusted partner in home services. This is our tale of trust and reliability through our befikr brothers. Come, join us in our journey of making India befikr with our trustworthy befikr brothers!

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