A Live-Free environment-Scientists’ worry!


Befikr.in dedicates this research to the white spaces we need to create in our homes

Most of you will agree that at times during sometime of the day, we feel dis-oriented & de-focused. At that time specifically, we face a challenge to focus on what we are supposed to do. However this doesn’t go so easy & our ability to focus doesn’t seem to be so able. Have we ever wondered that beyond blaming the stress in our lives, there is something more to contribute for the above syndromes?

Take a read! In a cluttered & un-organized environment around us, the

birth of chaos restricts our ability to focus & makes us visually distracted; a published study by the Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute. This clutter makes us silently dis-oriented & vocally frustrated in our lives, concluded the study.

To avoid such harmful emotions to arise, it is so important for all of us to avoid this human led chaos & clear out the clutter from our home and work environment. befikr.in is one such philosophy where the endeavour is to first clean our homes and then clean the nation.

Many years back, there was a belief which got seeded deep in. The belief was that most of the times, if any object hasn’t come to use in the last 6 months, there are remote chances of this object of being of any use to you in the future too.

To connect the above dots of creating an organized environment it is so important to keep objects which are of our use & if not of our use, than give them generously away even if by chance we have gained them or collected them. You never know, that there might be someone who may use them daily for the next 6 months. Or if these objects are sold as scrap, the proceeds can actually make a difference to someone’s life.

Scientists believe & we feel that it is the clutter in our lives which is the precursor to the stress we live in. Give away to gain back the smiles you have lost all this while.

Tips to Live-Free: Apply constraints to possess, allocate small storage spaces & review weekly!

Befikr quote: If our homes are cluttered, so do our minds are & so do our life – CS People of Help: Call in electricians, plumbers, carpenters to give them things you feel they can re-cycle

Befikr motto: Organize the un-organized