1952-A befikr Story


We were supposed to be ready for another day of the week! The unique schedule of the day was an upcoming interview of Mr. Surender Syal, the man in love with befikr.in. The excitement to meet him was there, yet a lot of mixed feelings. Our minds were getting mashed up with too many thoughts & many depictions of the persona we were about to meet.

It took just few seconds to conclude the persona we were yet to meet up the moment we settled ourselves in this room with Sai Baba’s picture upfront, a soothing ambience, a rejuvenating aura & a very calm & peaceful air around. As we started talking to him, his warmth and positivity lapped us in. With a glass of water and cut fruits we started his interview.

Our excitement to get under the skin of Mr. Syal deepened as our pleasantries & smiles exchanged through his warm persona & an extremely humble human being we had just come across. We were equally excited to also understand who else beyond befikr.in has kept him befikr through the journey which started on 5th Nov 1952.

His gratitude & acknowledgement straight landed to his father, Shri K L Syal who was a true inspiration to him. He was the one who taught him two simple facts of the professional & personal life; always be as Sincere as you can be & maintain the best of your Loyalties for relationships you are in. With his father’s teachings as his shining armour, Mr. Syal started walking on the path of glory & success through various phases of expansions in business. The year 1969, the story of Mr. Syal shifted to Khari Baoli where he started accompanying his father to his shop & that’s the place where he learned the requisite skills and ethics of running a business. Within 3 years of working with his father, he opened his own departmental store famously known as “Amaal” in Defence Colony, making him embark on a journey of exploring the world on his own. From a departmental store to diversifying into the business of construction, his life was successful and enriching, but his soul trenched for more.

Being a devotee of Sai Baba, he today runs a charitable hotel in Shirdi, Sri Sai Dham, a place where both food & stay is complementary. His idea behind opening this was to help the pilgrims by providing comfortable stay for them to seek the divine’s blessings without any hassle. He believes in not only serving his deity, but also to serve his parents with the same devotion & respect who have together kept him befikr throughout his life.

Our eagerness to collect more pearls of wisdom made him gave us a precious gift. He asked us to believe & practise a‘Simple life yet high thinking’ philosophy highlighting the void of this simple sense within our generation.

Gaining all the prosperity & wisdom in his life, he now wishes to give back to the society. He has planted more than 10,000 trees in the city, feeds hungry children regularly & has donated 14 beds in a hospital. And he really doesn’t plan to stop there. He wishes to give back in way to make this world a better place.

During the minutes passing by, there were times where we felt how beautiful the life is from Mr. Syal’s eyes. Uncountable life lessons and an unmatched dedication to give up, is what we all can learn from him and imbibe in our lives. befikr.in salutes his loyalty and his will to lead a selfless life! Mr Syal’s story is a true example of a fun loving, successful, satisfied and a befikr soul!

His conviction and loyalty towards his people and loved ones can be seen in his brand loyalty too. One of such brands in his life has been befikr.in, a brand that has made his life truly befikr, for all his home services needs. Being the most valued customer at befikr.in, he credits the befikr team led by Natasha & Nitin as strong pillars within befikr.in for ensuring an efficient service level to his home services on priority.

Being a man of determination & wisdom, keeping Mr. Surender Syal loyal hasn’t come so easy & was the sheer consistent hard work of our befikr Brothers. Being a self-made man, we at befikr salute the contribution Mr. Syal has made towards making befikr.in a self-sustaining & a proud organization, a one of its kind venture credited of giving respect & dignity to all the unknown electricians, plumbers, carpenters, air conditioning engineers, cleaners, painters & even masons by celebrating their skills as befikr Brothers.

Thank you Shri K L Syal for introducing Surender to us at befikr.in as you must be fondly calling him always. Our love for him is immense & equals the respect we carry for the man who isn’t only known for what he has but for all that he is spreading around.