Is Your Home Christmas Ready?!

Christmas is round the corner and the to-do list to make our homes Christmas ready seems to get heftier and heavier everyday.
Here are quick tips from befikr to make sure your life is fikr free and your home is as Christmasy as it gets!

Know These Varied Benefits of Drinking Adequate Water

Pure and crystal-clear water is the driving force of all nature and serves as a lifeline for the universe. Drinking adequate water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our body loses water every day through perspiration, urine, breathing and bowel movements making replenishing our body by drinking water essential.

The Bond of Trust, The befikr Bond

What is Trust? It won’t be wrong to say that trust is that positive emotion that makes us believe that someone is credible and honest and carries no intention of harming user that something is safe and reliable. Trust generates confidence in our heart and mind.

Imphal to Delhi Via Bangalore- Shushma Miles befikr

Life is a constant struggle for all living beings. As it is said, strength and growth comes only through relentless effort and struggle. No matter how much it hurts today, in retrospect we all realize that these struggles changed us and our lives for better.

befikr Lessons From Little Bundles of Joy

Children are the most beautiful bundles of joy who enliven everyone’s lives. Their playfulness, their innate humour, their befikr attitude is unmatched and most importantly they possess something we adults tend to have lost- the quality of innocence. Innocence and children are like synonyms.

Welcome Winters With These Hacks to Keep Your Home Warm

Delhi will soon shudder with the cold wave kicking in and this is the time of the year when we need to check our readiness for the chill that lies in front of us

Brighten up Your Space This Festive Season with befikr’s Carpentry Services

As the festive season is around the corner, everyone seems busy preparing for the festivities. With each passing day the to-do-list gets longer with time and money getting shorter. From running errands to festive shopping, each day has a new charm in the festive season.

Celebrating the Man Who Made Us befikr Since 1947

2nd October marks the birth anniversary of our lovely bapu, the one from whom the real befikr attitude emanates, the one because of whom we are free to follow our will. This is an eve of celebrating the man without whom India’s trajectory to the road of freedom would have been impossible.

Our Jawan Our Reason to be befikr

09/11 is a symbolic date that reminds us of the catastrophe that befell on humanity, a catastrophe the shakes the human existence and its conscience. The September 11 attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the Twin Towers is the most hideous attack on humanity and its existence.

The Re-birth of Kanhaiya

Krsna is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism. Born in Mathura, Krsna’s childhood and youth describes him as a cow herder, a mischievous boy whose pranks earned him the nickname a Makhan Chor (butter thief), and a protector who steals the hearts of the people in both Gokul and Vrindavana.

befikr bandhan campaign

The beautiful bandhan of a rakhi brings warmth and security against any storm in every sister’s life. The knot of a rakhi guards every sister from all odds and gives every brother the most beautiful soul to share his thicks and thins with.

1952-A befikr Story

We were supposed to be ready for another day of the week! The unique schedule of the day was an upcoming interview of Mr. Surender Syal, the man in love with befikr.in. The excitement to meet him was there,

Kapil’s Century Spree Continues....!

Gurgaon, a city of malls, offices and in true sense the ‘Kingdom of dreams’ gave us our Kapil, a boy with passion and hard work in his blood. Son of a blue collared worker, he grew up with a sense of dedication and will power to do something big for himself.

Enliven Your Lives with Yoga and Revel in the Magic of Being befikr!

Yoga, a 5000-year-old custom, first mentioned in the Rig Veda, is a widespread practice. For some it’s an Ideology, for some it is a religion and for others it is merely an exercise. Yoga is how you take it, how you believe in it and how you incorporate it in your lives.

Trouble Finding Carpenter Services in Gurgaon? Call Us and Avail the magic

In today’s world of customised interior designing, wooden furniture is an asset for the house. People get their furniture according to their taste and customise according to their space and theme of the house.

Living the Dreams with BEC Fikr

In the general corporate scenario, we see people around us wearing tags around their necks meant to instil a sense of identify and belonginess with the companyheavily insulting and back bitching about their managers. Managers are like mothers who are meant to nurture the team and make each individual bloom.

Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool in Summers

As the temperature rises in the capital, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to maintain our cool, both physically and mentally Our shield for fighting this scorching sun is the invention called ‘Air Conditioners’. Air conditioner has become an integral part of our lives and we rely on them heavily to help us survive through the unforgiving heat of Delhi summers.ter.

Our Runaway Girl- Anamika

In the city of Amitabh Bachchan, Allahabad, a girl named Anamika was born, with big dreams in her small eyes and an iron grit to capture the world in her tiny fist. A biotechnology engineer by education she always wanted to follow her heart- which apparently had little space for studies! After slogging for 8 semesters and not being able to find meaning in biotechnology,

A Mother Takes All the Fikrs To Make Our Life Befikr

mother’s love is selfless, warm, immeasurable and unmatched. We all strive for the perfect befikr life. But life throws on us challenges that are unknown,at times that we least expect. Blessed are those who have mothers around them to turn to.

Hassle-free AC Repair Services in the Fast Paced City of Delhi

Being a domicile of Delhi can be an expensive affair with high costs of living in this metropolitan. From getting the right place to call it your space to maintaining that space,

Cleaning Hacks for Your Home That You Wish You Always Knew

Whether you are a cleanliness freak or believe in making your space ready at the last moment just before you guests jump in, cleaning your home has always been a task!

A Tale of Trust and Reliability- befikr Brother

Your home is a space that you very meticulously build for yourself, for your family and friends. Nowhere in your cocoon you want any sort of risk or insecurity.

befikr.in Strives To Help People Embrace Mindfulness In Their Lives

Our mind is usually occupied by thoughts from past and anxieties about future. Do we ever take time to be present in our present and relish what we have without worrying about what future stores for us?

Make Your House a Home with befikr.in

What differentiates a house from a home is the space we make for ourselves, the space we not only reside but also think of it with a high sense of belongingness. The emotions that fill in the concrete building structure makes every house a home.

The business of Happiness-befikr disrupting Un-happiness

Over the years the saga of un-happiness in our lives has gone louder! The noise of unhappiness not only resonates each day at our official cubicles’ but even each night on our dining-tables’.

Tricks to Reduce Power Consumption of Your AC & Have a befikr Summer

Come summers and we all fret about high electricity bills that burn a hole in our pockets. Well, befikr has got some tips for you to save on power consumption this summer!

The Leaky Tap's Tryst with Ramesh

Someone.. please get me fixed.. and save the precious drops of water. I don't want to let these droplets go waste", prayed the tiny tap of Mr Sharma's daughter. .

No Hanky! No Panky! I am Shanky

The first time we saw Shanky, our hearts were filled with mixed feelings about him. We could instantly trust his potential the trust was accompanied by some doubts. Today, the feeling is no longer mixed. Shanky for us, means business.

The 1st True Home Services born in India Company

True Home services: a big Idea- the Indian start up ecosystem has seen a lot of action with technology & artificial intelligence taking the main stage.

Chote si Asha, Chote si Natasha-A befikr story from the village Nithari

A girl from one of the most conservative & unfortunate villages in Noida, Nithari, today stands on her feet as a strong-headed independent girl.

The befikr Gyan Singh-True Story of a SARDAR

As a child, Gyan’s eyes used to smile out at the sight of a speeding bike. Back in 2009, when Gyan was just 15 years old, he started taking small bike trips without a formal license till the nearby nukars’ of his society.

My Papa is not a plumber. My Papa is a befikr BROTHER

Tusharika a 5-year-old beautiful girl born to play with pink dolls knew little that she is God gifted with a unique quality of sensitivity, something rare to find even in grown-ups today.

The Story of Bhagirath Sharma- The Carpenter Man to a befikr Brother

The word 'carpenter' is the English rendering of the old French word carpentier derived from the Latin carpenters [artifex], 'maker of a carriage'.

Time to Move from Disbelief to Faith and Conviction

As I take a short walk down the memory lane, I am reminded of several comments: "It's going to be impossible to manage, you don't know them. They can't stay at a place for long."

Know How a Befikr Brother is Different from a Local Electrician

A candid conversation with a local electrician is all that you need to help you know what makes befikr brothers as Electricians in Noida unique from the local handymen ...

Befikr Distributed Mineral Water to People Queued up in Never Ending Lines Outside Banks and ATMs

A minor attempt to make people’s lives fully befikr! The new demonetization move has upset the lives of one and all.

#bornbefikr : A Tribute to Every Child This Children’s Day

Children are born befikr, aren’t they? Unlike grown ups, they are innocent and free from complications. Sometimes brutally mischievous but children are always trusting, benevolent, and just plain sunshine!

Let Your Air Conditioning Fikrs Fly High in the Summer Heat

We all dread what follows spring- it’s either drudgery and sadness or the summer season that makes life uneasy and difficult. The scorching heat and humidity that accompanies the summers in Pune is just unbearable. It becomes strenuous to find a professional AC serviceman to cater to the air conditioning needs whether ...

Innovative Diwali Lighting Ideas

This diwali, befikr shares the following tips for families to try innovative lighting options: Here are a few innovative Diwali lighting tips especially for you ...

Skilled Electricians at your doorstep in the city of Pune

Find Best Electricians in Pune with Ease
Tired of bashing your head over electrical woes? Yes, electrical problems tend to be complicated and seem unsolvable. The only solution you got at your disposal at such times ...

Ac Repair Services in Pune

Just having an air conditioner at your home doesn’t guarantee you a cool, befikr life. Come summers and the need for AC Repair Services escalate. In the sprawling city of Pune finding AC Repair Services has never been worry free.
To get your AC repaired and serviced involves unlimited hassles. But you no ...

Gift your sibling a home service this Raksha bandhan!

Chocolates, clothes, or cash are now passé for raksha bandhan gifting between siblings. Safets gifts for years, they either finish up too fast, go out of style or are spent in less than 5 minutes. This Raksha Bandhan, befikr.in suggests a slightly different range of gifting options within a budget that will bring up a smile on your sibling’s face...

AC Repair Services in Dwarka

The long stretch of Delhi summers may seem unceasing without a heat retreat. With your AC failing to temper down the heat, the high temperature does take a toll on your mind and body, but not getting the right serviceman to get your AC repaired or serviced just adds to the misery...

Carpenters in Pune

Pune was and still known as the ‘Pensioners Paradise’, a home for retired people owing to a sprawling yet a peaceful city ambience. But in this city Paradise, finding a carpenter to beautify your home sweet home has always been inconvenient. The urge of living in the home of your dreams that has the best woodwork seems unachievable. Moreover ...

Electricians in Pune as befikr Brothers

In the sprawling city of Pune, getting an electrician booked has never been easy. The routine of electrical repairs and maintenance is full of uncalled hassles causing unnecessary fikrs in your life . You no longer need to worry, because we understand how these electrical fikrs make your life difficult. To circumvent your fikrs, befikr.in with its unique concept ...

Organizing the unorganized - befikr Brothers on Duty

Ever wondered how it feels seeing an Indian unorganized sector getting ORGANIZED. Just a dream coming true for a modest Indian middle income household. Your struggle to get a home service for an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter has been taking a toll on your personal & professional life? Till now you had been detesting getting such services ...

Training the untrained servicemen

Many a times just getting a home service is an ordeal, often putting your valuable time at stake. Getting unprofessional home services from local servicemen can leave you with a tedious and unpleasant experience. Not to deny, there is a stark imbalance in the demand and supply of these servicemen in the unorganized ...

Find Plumbers and fix taps

As we all know that Gurgaon and South Delhi, both are the places that are too expensive to live and if it comes to services, the rates are sky touching. But you should not get disheartened when befikr brothers are here. We have extended our services of getting you a Plumber in Gurgaon and Plumber in South Delhi. All of us have a responsibility of staying on Earth, to save ...

Get a professional in-house team of Carpenters in Gurgaon city

A lovely testimonial of a client about her experience with us:
“It has been years since I purchased my 3 BHK flat in Gurgaon city and like others, I too wanted my house to look impressively well. I was given the instruction to get ...

Befikr Carpenters in Gurgaon- Ensuring client’s safety with valued services

We all want our houses to look impressively well and therefore leave no stones unturned to make that happen.
Especially, when it comes to defining the precise details of each and every corner of the house, we become very specific. Carpentry is one such skill which can work miraculously ...

Skilled yet uncertified

Everyone around you has a story… only those interested, get to hear it!
People, mostly, are driven by their experience, perception or emotion (not in the same order) when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. The natural human tendency is to get carried away ...

A Live-Free environment-Scientists’ worry!

Befikr.in dedicates this research to the white spaces we need to create in our homes.
Most of you will agree that at times during sometime of the day, we feel dis-oriented & de-focused. At that time specifically, we face a challenge to focus on what we are supposed to do. However this doesn’t go so easy & our ability to focus doesn’t seem to be so able. Have we ever wondered that beyond blaming the stress in our lives, there is something more to contribute for the above syndromes?...

The Un-Organized Significance of India

You might go to your favourite Levis store to buy new jeans but for the fittings you would always run to your trusted nearby tailor. You might buy the most expensive chandelier from newly opened ...